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Financial PR

It is difficult to improve on the definition of 'management of expectations' for what we provide.

A stable shareholder base is built upon trust. Investors need to know what you intend to deliver, how and when, and to be kept in touch with your progress.

Similarly other key audiences such as staff, suppliers and customers, regulators, legislators, partners and peer group need a consistent, accurate and up to date news flow.

Our job is to assist in the creation of the message and ensure its timely, effective delivery by the best means available.

The biggest direct cost in PR is not the fee but the commitment of management time. However, an even greater cost can be neglecting your image and reputation by leaving yourself exposed to whatever perceptions investors and the public may choose to hold if you decide not to be proactive about your communications needs. PR is not a luxury, it is an essential part of the job of maximising value that investors expect of management. To do it in an effective and cost efficient way you need the skills of PR professionals around you. What you don't say can be as important as what you do say.


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